All of our Rescue efforts are organized and
run by volunteers.

We encourage you to join us! Some of the ways you can help are listed below, but don't hesitate to contact us about other opportunities. Feel free to complete a Volunteer Questionnaire by filling out the form online, or mailing us your information on a hardcopy. We will contact you shortly to get you involved.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are under the age of 18, you must join GSRNC with a parent or legal guardian.

Foster Homes

Take a rescue dog into your home for a number of weeks, get to know it, do some training in manners etc., help find a suitable adopter. Rescue pays for food and vet care. Click for more information about fostering.

Adoption Counselors

Take responsibility for potential adopters assigned to you; make contact, get to know their needs; screen them; set up times to visit dogs; guide through adoption process and follow up after adoption.

Hotline Volunteers

Answer the hotline on assigned days, respond to calls; send out materials as needed.

Helping at Rescue Adoption Days

Being at Rescue Adoption Days to hold dogs, talk to and help potential adopters; give information and just generally make sure people are taken care of and things are run as efficiently and graciously as possible.

Training and Behavioral Help

Professional trainers/behaviorists who give their time either in person or via email or phone to help our adopters/fosterers with problems

Walking and Socializing Kenneled Dogs

Taking time with individual rescue dogs who are at kennels, to walk, train, socialize; get to know them.

Transporting Dogs

To adoption days, to and from vet appointments, to foster homes etc.

Fundraising and Donations

Finding ways to raise funds; helping with annual golf tournament; contacting businesses to donate items for auctions; find a kennel to donate space; contacting pet stores etc. for donations of dog food, supplies etc.


Other Volunteer Opportunities

  • Staff booths at events
  • Edit or write for a rescue newsletter
  • Do promo work, like putting up flyers for rescue in various locations
  • Contact local newspapers about free ads or running stories on our dogs
  • Anything you have experience with that could contribute to our effort