The Thulani Project

We sometimes find German Shepherd Dogs in shelters or being surrendered to us who, because of medical conditions or advanced age, have only a short time to live (typically less than year and sometimes much less).  If we do not take them into our program, they likely will die alone and afraid in a shelter. 

The Thulani Program is a German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California effort to find homes that can provide hospice care to a dog during the final phase of a terminal illness, with a focus on comfort and quality of life, rather than cure. The goal is to enable the dog to be comfortable and free of pain, so that he/she may live each day as fully as possible.

To accomplish these goals requires that we find special homes with people that are emotionally strong enough to take them in. In such homes these dogs can live out their brief remaining lives in a loving and caring environment. If you would consider giving such a dog a home to live out whatever life it has left, please send an e-mail reply to saying “yes I would”. We do not presently have any GSDs that need “Thulani” homes, but are compiling a list of people who would consider providing such a home for the right dog. 

If you cannot provide a home for one of our “Thulani” dogs but would like to donate to the Thulani Fund, please send a check to GSRNC (PO Box 1930, Cupertino, CA 95015-1930) and indicate that the donation is for the Thulani Fund.  Donated funds will be used to offset the medical expenses incurred by these special adopters, and to pay for home visits by vets when the time comes for crossing the Rainbow Bridge.

* Thulani had been abused and had a grade 5 heart murmur. Although Thulani was not a dog we could adopt to the general public, two of our members decided they could give him a home for whatever time he had left.  He lived for a few wonderful months with them before passing away.

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Other Volunteer Opportunities

  • Staff booths at events
  • Edit or write for a rescue newsletter
  • Do promo work, like putting up flyers for rescue in various locations
  • Contact local newspapers about free ads or running stories on our dogs
  • Anything you have experience with that could contribute to our effort