Success Stories


We are successful every time we place a German Shepherd Dog in a permanent, loving home. Here are some of these dogs' stories.

Email us your happy story about your adopted dog and your family, we would love to hear from you on a regular basis - and so would our extended family. Please Note:  Your story will be reviewed by a Volunteer and posted within a few days.

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Success Stories Quick Find
In memory of My Little Girl Kacey
Our Hansie
Our rescue Fritz
Love that dog
My Sammy
Ozzie (Oz Poz)
Our Boy Miller
Nella and Garvey
Kale's Story
Rescue Dog Earns Prestigious Award
Iceman (We kept his name)
Love my Shepherd ❤️
We Love Luna!
We won the German Shepherd Lotto!
Abby's New Happy Home
Raffa now Logan
Molly Dolly d’Alsace, Countess of San Carlos
Sebeka’s Travels
Our baby kona
Ren formally Eeyore
Bo's story (formally Bogart)
My Romeo
Mia's Adopted Family
Rough beginning but happy ending
The Elvis
1 Year Later Our Penny aka Sienna
Nixon's the One!
Update on Lasso-its almost been a year!
Max von Stephanitz
Lasso's New Life!
Lobo (formerly known as Matcha)
Sadie's Happy Tune
Mack (kringle) story
Marta's Family
Ranger's New Best Friend
Mighty Mo
My Best Birthday
Doug, aka Cutiepie
Tribute to Inca
Life with Emmee
Happy GSD in the Foothills
Shiloh Formerly known as "Shia"
Nilla's new Nana
Copper comes home
Shala's Sojourn
Our Wonderful Gerrick
An Old "Married" Couple
Dakota (Delilah) Moves to Hawaii
My wonderful girl, Roxie,(Pandi Bear)
Buddy finds a home
Chance moves in
Our Dear Mia
Coach turns 13 and is still a beauty
Buster Brown the Gentle Soul
In memory of Mona (Nell)
Mya Enjoys Her New Home
Missy Adoption
Daisy Blossoms
The Majic Man
Malu... now Tenaya
Grizzly the 'rafting' water dog
Mending beautiful
Tessa Means 'Gatherer'
Mom's end of Life
'Aggressive to Humans' ...not
Kozette aka Wyanet in Her Forever Home
In Memory of Maggie
Roscoe Rules
Gunny and Posey are AMAZING
Esther, the not couch potato
Puppy Dog Mac is now 2 years old
Thank you.....
From Geisha to Amanda!
Kaila (formerly known as Katherine)
Bruno is Great!
Our missing link
Five years today...
My sweet BIG girl !
from gas station in woodland to a great station in menlo
Fred - formerly known as Onyx
Second Glance / Second Chance
The GSD Formerly Know as Oceana
"Gitta" doing fine after being adopted from GSRNC
Happiness all around
Carmella Is Happy
Terra was best decision ever
Sweet Alton
Riki's Story
Pendleton and his 3 month anniversary with us!
My little Lady Cheyenne
Bo's Adoption !
Our dog Maggie
New Addition
Hadook ( a.k.a. Dook )
Mona aka "Nell"
Things happen for a reason
Madeline (aka Mimi) May 2009
Happily ever after
Joey's Success Story
Three time loser is my best friend.
Bon-Bon aka Bonnie II - Los gatos 3-8-09
Max & Zoey
The love of my life
Mia Farrow
Thank you Mac
A happy dog!
Stella Blue
Sweet Sophie
Lost and Found
Our lovely Bella
big happy guy
Our big happy family!
The Heart Healer
Best Puppy Ever
Prieta finds her forever home
Shelter Shepherds
Love at first sight
Sasha Cohen
Bess the Beautiful
Lady Clare
Life is strange Felix is Max
Alexi, Our "Miss Thing"
Kacey (formerly Jenell / Jenny)
Allie (formely Alera)
Zsigmund Keeps Our Mental Health
Ivy Girl
Hobbs (Formerly Leroy)
Schatzi (formerly Alexa)
Katie Hudson and her Family
Tucker- A Rescued Dog That Is Now Rescuing People
Angus & Me Were Meant To Be
Meka (formerly named Rainbow)
Sweet Sophie – Adopted July, 2008
Regina the Queen
Amandi's Story
Zachary's Story
My Max's Story
Rylee (formerly Claire) Adopted Aug. 2007
Back on his paws again - – Monty (formerly Montara)
My beautiful Misha - Adopted in 2007
Kylie - Adopted Sept. 2001
Annie (formerly Dawn) - Adopted April 2007
Denali (formerly Winter) - Adopted December, 2007