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Special Needs

From time to time we encounter a German Shepherd in a shelter with major medical problems usually requiring expensive vet procedures. The decision to let the shelter put the animal down or to rescue it and somehow find the funds for the needed medical care is a difficult one. We evaluate the adoptability of the dog and proceed with the rescue if we believe the animal, when given medical treatment, can be adopted out and live a happy useful life.

We are then faced with finding the funds to pay for the expensive treatments. These are what we call "Special Needs" Rescues. Time usually requires that we pay for the expenses from "general funds" and then ask for contributions to offset the expenses paid from general funds.

Our special needs fund, The Cody Fund (see note below*), has been established to provide financial support for just these special occasions. Your donations will be used for paying veterinary expenses for Special Needs Shepherds, like the dogs listed below. We appreciate your help!

Occasionally we encounter a German Shepherd in a shelter who turns out to have a chronic medical condition, such as Pannus or Epilepsy. Typically the conditions are treatable but not curable, or curable only in the long term.

Project Dogs
A few of our German Shepherds have some treatable behavioral issues such as Separation Anxiety, tail chasing, or digging and chewing. These issues can be minimized with the assistance of a qualified behaviorist or trainer, careful management and some patience and time.