Benefit Mobile


"Benefit" the Cody Program when you shop!

Do you shop at Target? How about Bed Bath & Beyond? Want to grab a bite at Applebee’s? Or send a gift card for Starbucks to a friend?

You can do all this and earn money for GSRNC’s Cody Program – our special fund to cover emergency medical treatments for rescued GSDs! Use the “Benefit” app on your phone for purchases at more than 150 national and local vendors. There’s NO extra cost to you and we’ll get a percentage of every dollar you spend.

Wh at can I use this for?

Stuff you buy EVERY DAY:

  • actual brick-and-mortar stores like Target, Safeway & Bed Bath & Beyond

  • restaurants and movie theaters like The Yardhouse & AMC Theaters
  • hotels and airlines like Hyatt & Southwest Airlines
  • plus tons of online stores too!

Click here for a list of participating retailers.

Do I pay more?

Never! Each vendor pays us a commission on what you spend as a thank you for sending you to their store.

How do I know GSRNC will get paid?

Just select the GSRNC - Cody Program as your beneficiary when you set up the app. Benefit just started in 2015, but its parent company, eScrip, has been in business since 1999, and raised millions of dollars for nonprofits nationwide. Benefit sends us a check every quarter and provides us with tools to see how much we’ve earned for our dogs!

How do I use it?

Once you have the “Benefit” app on your phone, just select the store. You then buy a “gift card” for that store, in any amount you chose. At the store, the cashier just scans the “card” on your phone. You can even buy a card while standing in line and redeem it right away. Easy! Use on a vendor’s online store, too – just type in the card number to redeem.

What if I want to print out one of the cards?

No problem! When you're looking at the card, there will be an option to email it to yourself. Then, just print out that email, and bring that to the store.

I don't have a Smart phone. Can I still use this?

If you have an iPad, then yes. Just treat it like a really big phone! To use the cards you purchase, email the cards to yourself, and print out the email.

Do I have to have the exact amount on the card?

Nope, it works like any gift card. If your purchase is more than the value on your card, you just pay the difference. If there's a balance left on your card, it just sits there until you use it another time.

So what are you waiting for? Get the Benefit app and start earning money for the Cody Program now!